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If you have consulted a financial adviser in the recent past you may have noticed that a number of changes have taken place.


The biggest change perhaps is that in the case of most financial services, a ban has been introduced on financial advisers taking a commission from the "sale" of financial products. This means that for the majority of your financial needs you now have to pay a fee directly to your adviser for the advice they provide to you.


You may also have had some difficulty finding an adviser to help you? Not only has the ban on commissions led to a significant reduction in the numbers of regulated financial advisers, those that are left have generally focussed on dealing with very specific groups of clients, for example high net worth investment clients, typically charging higher fees to reflect their focus on thevery wealthiest of client groups.


To make matters worse, with the complexity of financial services increasing all the time, financial advisers now tend to specialise more than ever before. They may deal only with mortgages, perhaps they are a retirement specialist or solely an investment broker. This type of specialisation means that in order to get the best advice possible in all of the financial areas in which you might need guidance, you will probably find yourself having to research who best to approach in each area to make sure you receive the best available advice.


Thankfully, Fiducia Consult is different!

Just take a look at the extensive list of financial services we offer:

  • Investing for a comfortable retirement.

  • Getting the best value from your pension investments.

  • Finding out how the new "Pension Freedoms" can benefit you.

  • Making your investments work harder for you

  • Making the most of your Individual Savings Account (ISA) allowance

  • Saving for future capital needs (House deposit, Student fees, Weddings etc)

  • Protecting your family and/or your business in the event of your death or ill health

  • Arranging a mortgage to buy your home Releasing money from your property

  • Making sure your assets go to who you want them to after your death

  • Protecting your personal and/or business assets Reducing inheritance tax on your estate Borrowing money for your business

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Fiducia Marketing Solutions Limited trading as Fiducia Consult is not authorised or regulated to provide financial advice. 

All finanical advice is provided by other regulated businesses within our group

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